Born and raised in South Carolina, Ashe Bowman had goals too ambitious for his small southern town of Charleston. He attended Waterboro High School alongside NFL standouts Darwin Walker and Norman Hand.

As he followed them into the world of professional sports, Ashe chose to train in the art of MMA. On May 13, 2000, Ashe tried out for the world famous Lion's Den, founded by Ken Shamrock, a Hall of Fame member.

After successfully enduring the intense 8 hour tryout for The Den, Ashe began his climb in his MMA career. He went on to fight famous competitors such as former lightweight champion Josh Thompson, TUF Season 8 winner Efrain Escudero and former Tachi Palace Featherweight Champion Isaac DeJesus.

As Ashe felt his MMA career nearing its end, he began considering post-fighting endeavours. He realized that there was no official MMA Hall of Fame and with a strong desire to change that, Ashe decided to use his knowledge and experience in the sport to found the first, true, MMA Hall of Fame.